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We know that hair and beauty go hand in hand.  For some women, hair is an important part of female identity – which means that hair loss is traumatic.  Looking your best, making the most of your femininity and feeling confident in spite of hair loss is important.


If you’re suffering from hair loss, it’s important to feel comfortable not only with your ‘new hair’ but with your overall appearance.  There are many ways to enhance or restore your natural beauty.  Clever use of make-up, semi-permanent make-up or camouflage creams can make a real difference.


Make-up can act as an instant boost to confidence.  It’s easy to apply (once you know how!) and, for those who aren’t used to wearing make-up, its effects can be revolutionary.

For many women suffering hair loss, applying make-up involves a new approach that yields the same results – you want to look and feel great.

Through our online store, www.naturalwigs.co.uk, we sell real hair eyebrows, effective eyebrow shading kits and eyelashes to help restore your natural look.  Our eyebrows are exclusive and feature real hair strands attached to a virtually invisible gauze.  They are attached using the accompanying transparent skin glue.  Our Christian eyebrow kits are available in a range of colours and the shades are heavily pigmented for a long-lasting, gorgeous look.  Find out more here.

Eyebrows and Eyelash Restoration at naturalwigs.co.uk


Eyebrows and Eyelashes online

Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Semi-permanent make-up, with its advanced techniques and procedures, can help shape and define your features without ever having to reach for your make-up bag.

The treatment, known as Micropigmentation, involves applying coloured pigments onto the skin. It’s a safe and effective procedure, used for a variety of cosmetic enhancements such as eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liners. After just one procedure, you can have stunning, smudge-free make-up that will last for years…

Camouflage Cream

covercreamsticknewgrimas-logoWe also have a range of easy-to-apply creams from the Grimas range of professional make up for effectively disguising blemishes and tattoos.

If you’re interested in this range, we ask that you visit us in-store so that our make-up expert can match the correct shade to your skin tone.




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About 85% of your hair is in the growth phase ...

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