Hair transplants are an increasingly popular solution to baldness or hair loss for both men and women.  Thanks to advances in technology, transplants involve a highly-sophisticated implant procedure that results in a realistic effect.

However, the success of hair transplants can vary across patients and very much depends on the amount of existing hair, age, scalp condition and general health.

Surgical Hair Replacement - BEFORESurgical Hair Replacement - AFTERSurgical Hair Replacement - BEFORESurgical Hair Replacement - AFTER


If you're seriously considering hair transplant surgery or would like to discuss addressing your hair loss problem, find further expert advice here. is part of the wider group A&A Studios, a hair loss clinic which provides hair transplants in conjunction with a UK renowned and pioneering surgeon.  You can also view our incredible photo gallery with fantastic results! 

Given that surgery isn't a viable option for everyone, there are a number of different approaches and solutions available.

For women, the option of hair enhancement is very popular.  The process - called Hair Integration - involves blending real hair with your own and the result is an instant full head of hair.  You can find out much more and watch the video to view the amazing results of Hair Integration here.  Volumising or full coverage hairpieces are often an effective way of dealing with hair loss.  Nowadays, these pieces are incredibly realistic with fantastic styles in a range of highlighted and rooted (darker roots) colours.  You can visit our Hairpieces and Wigs section or our online store with a vast range of quality hair restoration products.  The highly-sophisticated Freedom wig, a new human hair vacuum wig, is a popular choice for many living with long term or total hair loss.  Find out about this custom-made product here.

For men, there are other non-invasive options available.¬† For instance Cyberhair¬ģ, a highly-advanced hair system that replicates human hair, has been developed¬†which results in a superb and realistic effect, as demonstrated in the pictures below.


chris_before chris_after
Before Image After image


An example of Cyberhair

If you're seriously considering hair transplant surgery or would like to discuss addressing your hair loss problem, our experts are waiting to help you.

Of course, hair loss can affect anyone at any age.  Hair loss in children is increasingly common - please visit our dedicated young person's section at A&A Studios hair clinic for professional advice and information.



About 85% of your hair is in the growth phase ...

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